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Important facts

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Curious about  
the quality 
of our products?

Our products are considered
to be very well made 
and very durable!

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They will serve you 

for many years to come 

(definitely look for opinions

 on babywearing forums).

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All LennyLamb products 

and their components are made 

and manufactured 

in the European Union!

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Confirmed by certificate!

Our dyes are free from
any heavy metals and toxins.

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Our suppliers
have been carefully chosen
and all of them hold
current quality certificates.

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We guarantee...
 ...that your little one
will adore
our cute Lenny

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Buy without hesitation!
Changed your mind?
Not to fear!

You may return
an unused item
within 30 days of receipt.

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Place your order now!

We will make sure your DISO 

is shipped out ASAP!

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100% natural Cotton!

Our carriers are made from cotton 

and dyes that are produced 

in Poland and made in a way 

that is safe for baby.