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Choosing the best carrier/sling for yourself

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How to choose the perfect carrier?

Parents often ask us: Which carrier should I choose? What is the difference between them? Which one will be most comfortable for us? It is hard to give an unambiguous answer. All wraps are good, and what is good for one family may not work for another.

Choosing a wrap you have to consider the following factors:

● how old your baby is,

● how much your baby weighs and on what development stage your baby is,

● do you intend to use your wrap for walks or will it only be quick help at home or as an addition to the pushchair to be hands free,

● what your house budget is.

You have to analyze your needs and capabilities very carefully. Nobody will make that decision for you, but simple analysis of existing wraps and carriers may help.

There are nine basic groups of LennyLamb wraps and soft carriers:

Every family will be able to choose something suitable from the above range of products.

Within the group, wraps and carriers can differ in fabric composition. The most popular are 100% cotton wraps and carriers, but also loved are cotton and bamboo viscose blends, which give the fabric a bit of softness. Bamboo fibre has many other advantages (absorbs moisture and dries quickly, reflects UV rays, so it is more breathable and ideal for summer). Similarly wraps with wool – everyone knows wool’s properties: thermo regulative, hypoallergenic and even healing. At the same time it is worth remembering that wraps with blend are a little bit more expensive. Deciding to buy a wrap with a blend we pay for better quality fabric improved with additional properties. It does not really have great impact on the way baby is carried though.

Fabrics used to manufacturing our wraps and carriers are also characterized by different types of weaves. To be honest, all wraps have similar functional and carrying properties, but differ in production process and final fabric structure. The most basic one is a very durable cross twill weave, making the fabric look classy. The other are diamond weave and little herringbone weave derived from specialist and detailed technological process. All this to create fabric with characteristic, original texture. To manufacture wraps and carriers for our most exclusive and limited lines we use jacquard fabrics. They are more ‘fleshy’ and bit thicker than the others, giving endless opportunities to create unique patterns for our products.