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About us

One company. Two families. Four people.

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Joanna Bogdan - a high-energy bank of ideas with the head in the clouds; "I'm sure we can do it".
Katarzyna Sikorska
- consistent implementation step by step, peace and smile; will find a way to do it.

Michał Bogdan - an IT specialist, tames the loom machines, treats their capricious nature as a challenge.
Piotr Sikorski
- business drive, a water wheel. When there seems to be no way out, there he comes with bypasses.

How does it happen that it works? A ladder has 2 legs and you can climb using it. It takes 3 legs to put something steady on any surface. But if you want to construct a decent trampoline, you need 4 legs. And that's why it works.

Our history reaches 2007. The year when Franciszek comes into the world. A wonderful child, who declares the war to a stroller from the first walk. He screams so loudly that everyone can hear within a radius of five miles. Each walk means a nightmare. I don’t want to sit with the baby within four walls the whole time.
A friend suggests - maybe try a wrap?

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The first wrap, which I made of my mummy's piece of fabric, changed my life. The family is terrified and keeps asking. You're really gonna carry him like that? But I’ve already decided. Yes, this is it. Franek is nestled in me. It gives me a sense of freedom. I’m active again, and my hands are free. I’m alive, and I can meet people. I can talk with other “babywearing” mums. 

It has taken a lot of time to find and buy the first wrap, professional one. I’m over the moon. It comes from Guatemala. I don’t have any influence when it comes to the color and pattern. With the eyes of imagination, I saw MY dream wrap. But nobody in Poland produces wraps. Hmmm. So we’re gonna sew them! Michał is making the plan, sister Kasia and her husband Piotr are working on the prototype. Our ideas are a revolution. We feel excitation. We’ve butterflies in our stomach! But nobody understands us! But I’ve already known what I’ve been fighting for. LennyLamb is emerging. The donation gives enough money to build a sewing room.

But life turns around. On the day we were cooling the champagne, the owner terminated a tenancy agreement. When I heard that I couldn’t brief. LennyLamb is homeless. And the employees and clients are waiting. What to do? A quick conference. We’re coming back to our mum. To Kłudzice.

We start from scratch. The fabrics are not as we wanted them to be, and we’re waiting for them for months. I see our resigned eyes. The wings are slumping. Really? We’re going to let go? We’re asking each other. We’re putting a brave face on things, but the shade of doubt bites the faith in the success. And then boys decide - we’re gonna have our weaving mill. Michał and Piotrek have sleepless nights. They’re designing, testing and formulating safety and control standards. We’re the only people who know how much it costs us.

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Today we know that it was worth it. LennyLamb, our small family company, which sews wraps and carriers is a worldwide company. We create and produce wraps and carriers for babies. Neither thick nor thin, elastic enough, soft and durable. We’re able to produce fabrics in colors and patterns our clients want. 

Our eight children are the best ambassadors of the quality of our products. Weaved from love to children, care for adults and longing for freedom. From the faith in the power of dreams!