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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the shipping cost?

We ship worldwide so it differs depending on the destination. To check the cost of shipping please do the following:
1/ Add an item to the cart
2/ Go to the cart
3/ Go to checkout
4/ Fill in the shipping address... and you will see the shipping options :)
This is the most reliable way as the cost may differ depending on the location, not only on the country.

2. Do you ship to ...?

We ship worldwide. If you pick the propper currency (right top corner if you're using a computer or menu button if you're using a smartphone or tablet), you will be able to select the country :)

3. How can I change the language and currency?

Have a look at the top right hand corner on our website. There are two buttons on the left side of the cart icon - for language and currency choice. Click the CURRENCY/ LANGUAGE button and select the one you need. For smartphone or tablet select the currency or language under the search bar (first use the menu button)

4.  I placed an order. When will I receive my item?

Once we receive your payment we need up to 3 working days to sew it and then we ship. For most European countries shipping takes up to 5 working days, for the rest of the world it takes up to 7 working days.

5. Will I pay custom fees?

Custom fees are not part of the arrangement between the buyer and the seller. These are countries' internal regulations which we don't know and have no influence on.

6. How do I choose the proper size of a baby wrap/carrier?

Here'a our sizing guide:

7. Can you send me a tutorial?

Please feel free to visit our YouTube channel :) You will find many tutorials there for baby wraps, baby carriers, babywearing apparel and a huge dose of knowledge about babywearing!

8. What are 2nd grade products?

It's a perfect opportunity to get a great quality product with a DISCOUNT! 2nd grade products have some aesthetic defect (double, broken thread, pills, color or pattern difference or other). 2nd grade products can also not be affected by any from above but the fabric used in those products can be unfinished and can require a bit longer time for breaking in or the products were part of the photo session.None of them affects safety. They are as safe as 1st grade products. These products cannot be subject to complaint due to above mentioned defects. 

9. How to cancel an unwanted order?

We do not send unwanted orders so you are free to cancel it. To do that, please contact the customer service.

10. Do I need to wash the wrap/carrier before use?

It depends on you. The finishing is very delicate - no chemical finishing. First washing may show a bit color in the water but it deffinitely will not harm the baby. On the other side people touch the items so you might want to wash it for the sake of hygiene, especially with very small babies :) You might find that useful:

11. Can I buy LL in my country?

Here's the list of our retailers:

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us -> CLICK