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How to meet a babywearing companion?


Feeling lonely? Longing for someone (adult) you can talk to? All your friends are at work for most of the day and you are really bored because of lonely strolls with your baby? Would you love to have a babywearing companion for a walk or coffee but don’t know how to find one? Don’t worry: here are some tips!

  • Attend babywearing events in the nearby: fairs, shows or courses. You’ll meet babywearing people there.Image title

  • Be active in babywearing groups or forums. Ask about people from your town/region - it’s almost sure that someone will answer or direct you to the local group.

  • Find your local babywearing group (on Facebook or other social platforms). You will be surprised how many babywearing groups exist, not only in big cities but also in smaller ones. There are voivodeship/state/county groups too. You’ll meet there many people who live close to you and have a similar hierarchy of values. Many of them are searching for a companion like you.Image title

  • Go to the group meeting that’s happening nearby. During such meetings you can try different wraps and carries and what is the most important: talk to other people about your everyday life.

  • Be active and take the initiative: if there’s no babywearing event nearby, you dream about it, and there’re people who might be interested – organize it by yourself! 

Good luck!

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