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Babywearing in winter - tips!


When it’s cold outside, don’t stay at home. Long walks are a perfect activity for the whole family - mums, dads and babies! You don’t have to push the stroller through the snow. Your hands won’t be freezing. And little baby can sleep peacefully close to you. How to prepare for babywearing walks? Read LennyLamb tips!

  • While babywearing in winter, you always have to remember about most important safety rules:

    • Your baby’s face should be uncovered and you should always be able to see your baby’s face at simply glancing down to keep your baby’s airways clear

    • The wrap or carrier is an additional layer of fabric on the baby and caregiver’s baby is also the source of heat. Do not overheat the baby.

    • Head and legs need additional layer of clothing as they are not covered in wrap/carrier

    • Avoid slippery surfaces and choose appropriate shoes for winter walks.

  • How to babywear on cold days?

    • Wear your baby in the wrap or a carrier. Babywearing coats and sweatshirts are not products that may carry the baby's weight. They are designed to be put on you and your baby in a wrap/carrier.

    • You can wear your baby under the coat

    • You can wear your baby on the coat/blouse/fleece

The choice of the carrying method depends on your preferences and on the baby’s age.

  • Wearing a newborn and the baby under about 3 months

    • Always under the coat

    • It is essential to provide the correct babywearing position for the babies who can’t support their head. It could be difficult to wrap a baby tight on the coat. We recommend wearing little babies under the coat, properly wrapped.

    • The baby’s face is not covered

    • We recommend wearing the baby on the front in the carrier appropriate for this age like kangaroo carry or front wrap cross carry

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  • Wearing older babies:

    • Wearing the baby under the coat is still the best choice

    • Carries - appropriate for the age like kangaroo carry, front wrap cross carry, front cross carry, ergonomic carriers, wrap tais and wearing on the back for babies above 4 months

    • You can try wearing on the coat especially on short distances - like picking older kid from preschool

  • How to dress a child for babywearing UNDER THE COAT?

    • Dress your baby as warm as you are dressed. Remember that the wrap/carrier is an additional layer of clothing and you will be dressed in the babywearing coat.

    • Try wearing layers of clothing

    • Try wool clothing! Wool absorbs moisture without feeling damp, keeps you dry and warm.

    • Protect the baby’s head and legs from cold

    • The best hat’s for babywearing are balaclavas. The hat covers the head neatly. It’s not so easy to pull it off. The neckband around the base keeps little necks cozy.

    • For legs, you can choose: legwarmers, woolen socks or boots

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  • Wearing older kids:

    • Depends on our wearing rituals and walk distance

    • If the kid likes to be worn under the coat and is used to it, you can continue babywearing in this way

    • Lots of kids like walks when they can run and play. When their legs start getting tired, they want to be carried - on the coat.

    • It’s a good idea to add additional layer on the legs (for example legwarmers)

  • How to choose apparel for babywearing?

    • Turtlenecks for Two

      • Great addition to regular coats (without babywearing option). It protects the space between the caregiver and the baby from cold and wind.

    • Fleece Babywearing Sweatshirts

      • Warm and soft sweatshirts are designed for babywearing on the front or on the back. Available in many colour versions, in 9 sizes (from S to 6XL)

    • Softshell Coats

      • This warm coat protects from cold, wind and little rain. It has three separate panels - maternity panel, front and back babywearing panel. It can be worn also without panels as regular apparel. It’s available in several colours, in 10 sizes (from XS to 6XL)

    • Parka Coats

      • LennyLamb's warmest coat! It has two separate panels - for front and back carries. It's available in many colour options - you can choose wrap finishing and make your Parka unique! 10 sizes from XS to 6XL!

Now you are ready for winter walks! You wish you amazing adventures and lots of discoveries!

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