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Backpack/Crossbody Bag 2in1 SPORTY, (56% cotton, 44% viscose) - LOVKA PINKY VIOLET


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The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture.

Backpack/Crossbody Bag 2in1 SPORTY - sporty design, curved corners which create slender shape. Stiffened, zippered, with lining inside. You can wear it two ways: crossbody or as a backpack. On the outside there is a woven wrap fabric panel and an additional magnet fastened pocket. There are pockets inside which will make it easier for you to organize the space - two of them finished with a rubber band (they will easily contain a cell phone, pencil case or glasses case) and the third one - zippered. The belt included in the set (83-148 cm).

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If the bag is not available in your favourite LennyLamb design, contact us at - we will help you make your dream come true! :)

Does your wrap come from a true weaving studio, or from a manufacturer that just sources random fabric ? LennyLamb is a true weaving studio.