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LennyHybrid Half Buckle Carrier, Standard Size, jacquard weave 100% cotton - LITTLELOVE JUNGLE


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Model's height in the photo: 158 cm

Model's size in the photo: S

Baby's age in the photo: 4 months

Baby's clothes size in the photo: 68

Size of the carrier in the photo: standard

LennyHybrid Half Buckle Carrier is a unique carrier that combines the advantages of an adjustable carrier and a wrap. Thanks to its design and adjustment system it allows to achieve a correct, ergonomic position of the baby. Additionally, it has two wrap straps that stabilize the baby's position on the sides, which makes it possible to carry a newborn baby safely. The panel adjustment makes the carrier grow with your baby.

The LennyHybrid Adjustable Half Buckle carrier provides:

  • Safety: the carrier is certified in accordance with safety standard F2236-16a ASTM and PD CEN/TR 16512 : 2015.

  • Versatility: one carrier from a newborn baby to toddler, safe carrying of the baby from birth (baby weighing over 3.2 kg) up to a weight of 20 kg

  • Functionality: two wearing positions - front from birth and back from the fourth month. Adjustment of the panel and wrap shoulder straps ensure perfect fit and correct, ergonomic position of the child at a every stage of development

  • Quality: high quality of the carrier thanks to the whole production process in one place in Poland

  • Beauty: it is made of unique fabrics woven in the LennyLamb weaving plant, so there is something for everyone.

  • Shelter: adjustable hood so you can cover your baby's head when needed

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The LennyLamb LennyHybrid Adjustable Half Buckle has been acknowledged as a "hip healthy" product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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ATTENTION: The color of the buttons can vary from the one presented in the pictures.

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Permissible measurement error +-3cm

Does your wrap come from a true weaving studio, or from a manufacturer that just sources random fabric ? LennyLamb is a true weaving studio.

The LittleLove design is woven in a very special way which gives the fabric its amazing softness and floppiness. Yet it also makes the fabric more gentle and prone to pulls and snags.