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Disposable tissue liners, 100pcs, Disana
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Disana disposable tissues are high quality thin papers for catching poo. The tissue allows liquid to pass through while trapping solid dirt, which helps to keep the nappy clean. Thanks to them the baby's skin is drier and healthier!

What makes Disana disposable tissues so special? No harmful chemicals were used in their production, thanks to which they are safe for the baby. Disana disposable tissues are 100% biodegradable. They are made of wood pulp, which makes them very tear-resistant!

Directions for use:

Place the tissue paper on the reusable nappy right next to your baby's bottom. You can throw the used tissue paper down the toilet or in the bin. For smaller babies you can cut the tissue paper in half, but don't fold it as this can make it difficult for moisture to pass through!

One pack/roll contains up to 100 tissues!

Dimensions: 36x16 cm

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