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Trendy Collection - express yourself

In as much as the Basic Collection will blend into you and adjust to your style, the Trendy Collection will help you accentuate it and - if you prefer - even manifest your style. You will speak your mind with these wraps and, fur sure, you will not get lost in the crowd.

This collection comprises of the wide range of cotton fabrics in all the possible weaves. These are the derivatives of the twill weave (twill, broken twill, herringbone and diamond), decorative weaves (moulin, yucca, little love, big love, pearl), jacquard weaves (atlas, sateen, crackle, double weave, camelot). It is also a wide range of colors and patterns.

If you love colors and find rainbow motifs, color transitions, melange, patterns, ornaments and textures delighting - check our Trendy Collection - cotton fabrics of the highest quality designed in our weaving studio, because a woven wrap doesn’t have to be boring.