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LennyLamb fabrics collections....something beautiful for everyone!


Basic, Trendy, Fancy or Experimentarium - which of these four LennyLamb collections is for you?

Basic Collection - the safe start

The collection of fabrics in highly valued, fashionable, simple and liked patterns. Woven with the broken-twill (which makes learning how to tie a wrap extremely simple), herringbone, heart (little love) weaves. With its delicate colors and affordable prices the collection caters for all tastes. Certified yarns guarantee high quality and safety of the entire collection. The parameters of the fabrics are adjusted on the basis of our long-standing experience, thanks to which the products are delicate and soft, at the same time they are durable and will carry any weight. The Basic Collection is a simple and secure way to start your babywearing adventure. We especially recommend it to the parents who have no experience in babywearing yet and want to try it right away with no need to analyze the weave, blend or density of the fabric.

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Trendy Collection - express yourself

Inasmuch as the Basic Collection will blend into you and adjust to your style, the Trendy Collection will help you accentuate it and - if you prefer - even manifest your style. You will speak your mind with these wraps and, fur sure, you will not get lost in the crowd. This collection comprises of the wide range of cotton fabrics in all the possible weaves. These are the derivatives of the twill weave (twill, broken twill, herringbone and diamond), decorative weaves (moulin, yucca, little love, big love, pearl), jacquard weaves (atlas, sateen, crackle, double weave, camelot). It is also a wide range of colors and patterns. If you love colors and find rainbow motifs, color transitions, melange, patterns, ornaments and textures delighting check our Trendy Collection - cotton fabrics of the highest quality designed in our weaving studio, because a woven wrap doesn’t have to be boring.

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Fancy Collection - the elite of the yarns

It is a massive challenge for the weaver  but it provides a sense of luxury and adventure for the user. Such wraps are not created on the spot. Perfect adjustment of the pattern, weaves and noble yarns (cashmere, mulberry silk, tussah silk, merino wool, linen, hemp - certified, sophisticated Italian, German and Japanese yarns) is a process in which a group of enthusiasts take part. Using a woven wrap with these blends is also a process which starts from the individual preparing of the wrap and often ends with fascination with the special fabric and the properties of the yarn and encourages further research and experiments.

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Experimentarium Collection - one in a million

Experimentarium comprises of the experiments which create a unique collection of wraps and carriers. A single experiment is no more than 5 various products - the color and the blend of the fabric is characteristic of the given experiment and it will never be recreated - we can guarantee that! These fabrics are made with the double weave technique and in their blend you can find, among others, sophisticated types of silk from all around the world, cashmere, wool but also yarn made of mint, pearl, aloe - never less than 70% of these fine yarns in the blend. Each product is signed and marked with the number of an experiment as well as the information on how many products were created in the given experiment.

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