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Wool weathering


Daily wool care is not as difficult as it may seem at first. All you need is a bit of regularity, patience and willingness.

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The wool used to sew the covers does not require frequent washing, unless it is very dirty or excessively wet. It is usually enough to air it out - optimally in a slightly humid environment (e.g. during a shower in the bathroom).

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Wool covers, although resistant to various temperatures (wool can easily be boiled) have one drawback: they do not like extreme temperature changes or friction such as rubbing during washing. Try to avoid washing in very hot water and rinsing in much colder water. Subjecting wool to such temperature differences and prolonged rubbing and kneading will cause it to felt, and unfortunately, this is an irreversible process.

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Wool is extremely difficult to get dirty in normal use, dirt does not usually penetrate the fibre structure, which makes washing very easy. It is recommended to wash the cover once every 7-10 days according to the washing instructions (unless it is soiled or heavily soaked then wash as needed).

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