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Stripping Diapers


Stripping, or prolonged soaking, is performed on inserts, fitted diapers and flat diapers. It aims to degrease, thoroughly clean and remove deposits (which cause unpleasant smells and decreased absorbency) or after infections or diarrhoea of the baby. Stripping can also be done when buying used diapers to prepare them thoroughly for use by our baby.

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How to do it properly?

  1. PREPARATION: the diapers to be soaked (stripped) must be clean (so if you have used them recently you need to wash them first).

  2. SORTING: first we need to divide the diapers according to the materials that have been used to produce them. Image title

  3. Wool diapers are not subject to striping as such as they are lanolinated, which in itself has purifying properties for wool. In extreme cases, wool can be hot-lanolized (we wrote how to do this here😉). Fitted diapers, flat diapers and other natural inserts and synthetic inserts are stripped by soaking them for a long time in water with added citric acid (we suggest half a glass of citric acid for 5 litres (5 quarts) of water).

  4. RINSING: after the acid bath put the diapers on a normal wash with additional rinsing - it is best to observe whether there is still some foam present during rinsing.

  5. DRYING: the last stage is drying.

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