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Babywearing consultant- who is it?

“To make babywearing accessible”

Aug. 18, 2017

9 mistakes that you make while caring for your wrap

9 mistakes that you make while caring for your wrap …and in consequence, shorten its life. Look what they are and how can you avoid them.

Aug. 5, 2017

Onbuhimo Toddler - is it worth to try?

Experienced babywearer, Agnieszka tested Onbuhimo with her daughter for us!

Jul. 29, 2017

How to choose the first wrap?

Decision has been made - we want to babywear! Great. The ONLY thing we need to do is to choose the carrier for your Little One. Easiest part? Not really.

Jul. 22, 2017

One of a kind mom

n interview with Agata Cybuchowska, wonderful mom, Social Media Miss 2016 of Miss Wheelchair Poland 2016. Agata also works in the foundation "One of the kind mom". Enjoy reading the story!

Jul. 19, 2017

Pregnant belly wrapping

Did you know that you can also use a woven wrap for wrapping your pregnant belly?

Jun. 30, 2017

What no one will tell before buying the first wrap...

When you start your babywearing journey you think that wraps and carriers are only to help you achieve daily goals, walk from point A to point B, finally drink a morning coffee and of course cuddle your little one. You wouldn’t believe that they are to meet your inner need for beauty too.

Jun. 23, 2017