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European Babywearing Week

European Babywearing Week 2018 is a fete, which connects all fans who love the idea of wearing babies in slings and ergonomic wraps all over Europe

May. 12, 2018


You like the idea of babywearing? Are you looking for a simple and comfortable carrier? An ergonomic carrier would be the answer! Read about a LennyUp carrier and the classic ergonomic carrier in size Baby/Toddler and choose the best one for you!

Apr. 28, 2018

Why Babywearing Matters by Rosie Knowles- Polish Edition

In LennyLamb, we want to share our knowledge, which is the heart of our actions. That is why we put some much effort to realise “Why Babywearing Matters” in Polish. We are so proud to be Publishing Partner of Polish version of the book!

Apr. 22, 2018

Babywearing – men’s point of view

Does “men’s point of view on babywearing” exist?

Apr. 13, 2018

Easter : a parents’ short guide

Easter time: a table full of delicious food… meeting family… painting easter eggs. Although it sounds so wonderful – it may be difficult for children. How can we help them go through Easter with best memories and positive emotions?

Mar. 30, 2018

Front Wrap Cross Carry vs Kangaroo Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry and Kangaroo Carry are usually suggested for the small babies. Which one to choose? What are their advantages? Why are these types the best?

Mar. 24, 2018