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Closeness in difficult times


If, a few months ago, someone had told us that we would live in fear of the mysterious virus, avoid contact with people, work mainly from home, wear masks and look at another man with fear - we would consider him crazy. The last months have turned our reality upside down. However, the need for closeness has still remained the same, and it has become even more important in these troubled times!

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Closeness is one of the most elementary psychological needs of a human being: closeness to the family, closeness to other people, closeness to the community, the "village"... Nowadays, for safety reasons, our direct contact with other people has been limited to the nuclear family and those we have near us on a daily basis - so let's be close to them!

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Apart from the psychological aspect, being close to a child in difficult times of a pandemic also has a practical aspect - a child cuddled up in the parent's arms on a walk has less contact with the elements of the external environment, we have better control of what is within the reach of those little hands (which later land in the mouth). We ourselves have free hands, which makes it easier for us to comply with safety rules and control what we touch. 

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Why carry a child in these difficult times?

  • Carrying satisfies a natural need for closeness - a need which is definitely one of the basic human needs;

  • Hugging calms down, both the child and the parent; nowadays, new parental stresses have added to other ones, a lot is happening and we worry a lot - and children can feel it, whether or not we are dealing with difficult subjects in front of them - so they need even more closeness

  • Hugging supports the release of endorphins, which in turn strengthens our immunity system

  • Carrying a baby helps to perform urgent tasks at home or in the home office while meeting the child's needs.

  • The child is better isolated from the outside in the parental environment.

  • While babywearing, we have free hands, we control what we touch and, for example, we don't carry germs from handles to the handle of the pram.

Take care of yourself. Stay close!

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