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Home Office with children - how to survive and not go crazy?


In a few days our cosy little apartment, a place of peace and quiet, has turned into a home office, school, kindergarten and day care, where the youngest child cries whenever we touch the keyboard and the older ones throw a tantrum right in the middle of a teleconference. We all know that "silent activities" are only enough to occupy children for a dozen or so minutes and then these energy volcanoes explode...

Our advice will not make your children become gentle lambs, after all, they are normal children, which Lenny understands very well, but maybe you can find some inspiration in this text, how to deal with the new reality?

Little baby

Instead of holding the baby in our hands, we can put her in a sling or a carrier - and we have her with us all the time, leaving our hands free! This is much healthier for our spine than trying to hold the baby in one arm and using the other hand trying to type.

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We can also make a hammock out of the sling, hooked for example to a table - we are sure that the little one will like it!


A lot of fun will be provided by Carriers and Slings for dolls and teddy bears for older children - we recommend it especially to those who have younger siblings worn in a sling or a carrier: following parents is so much fun!

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Older children will certainly not despise a sling or swing - unlike other accessories of this type, a hammock or sling swing can be assembled in any apartment and when disassembled, it does not take up much space.

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And how else can you have fun with a wrap at hand and whatcan you use it for? Lenny says that...

- tent: under the table, on the balcony or in the garden: which child does not like to play hide and seek?

- dragging a rope, the game as old as the world and it can burn so much energy...

- jumping through a wrap wrapped around the legs of chairs (a variant of playing rubber if we don't have one at hand)

- exercise of motor coordination: jumping through a sling placed in a "sinusoid" on the floor; with two legs, on one leg or in any other way, it is important not to step on the line!

- pancake/mummy: wrap the baby with the sling (without the head, of course), and then, rolling around, unwrap them.

- Flying carpet: the baby sits on the sling and we drag them across the floor

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Have fun!

Lenny would love to know your ideas!

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