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Preschool size carriers - comparison


Carriers for PRESCHOOLERS 

So far ;) we have two options for you: LennyPreschool and LennyHybrid Preschool size 🙂 Which one to choose? The bad news is that we won't make the decision for you, but as it usually happens - there is also good news 😃 We will be happy to help you choose! Let's have a comparison of these two models 🙂

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What they have in common:

- the suggested age and clothing size range for children in both cases: 1-5 years / size 86-122,

- they're ergonomic,

- are woven wrap conversions,

- they're soft structured carriers,

- adjustable (height and width of the panel at the base) - they grow with your baby,

- provide a healthy and safe position for your baby.

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Now let's move on to the differences 🙂 


This is a full buckle carrier with padded shoulder straps. The waist belt and shoulder straps are fastened with buckles. Adjustment of the height of the panel is possible thanks to straps which are pulled down on buckles.

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This is a carrier with a buckled waist belt and shoulder straps made of wraps. Such straps give many possibilities of tying and adjusting the carrier. In the straps there is additional padding which can be removed depending on your needs. Height adjustment of the panel is possible thanks to straps with buttons.

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If you still can't decide which one you need contact us!

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